Friday, 25 December 2015

Chapter 942 / The 21 Oracles

Chapter 942

In January 1896, during a séance, George Edward Walser, an amateur occultist, obtained an extraordinary revelation through Christina Karnody’s trance. She was his clairvoyant and, according to the entity speaking throughout the evocation, the voices coming from the so-called “world of spirits” didn’t belong to dead people but to living ones.

Shocked by such a shift in perspective, Walser began a lifelong quest for evidences in order to confirm that statement. The enormous data amount collected through the years by way of readings, travels and the employment of every kind of divination techniques vanished a few days after his death in First World War. Some fragments, such as scrapbook pages or sparse drawings, were accidentally found in the following years. In those fragments he outlined the content of Chapter 942, which he considered cause of human malaise and dissatisfaction. Chapter 942 is a penal law.

According to it, the person proven guilty

DOESN’T know the charge;
DOESN’T know how long the punishment will last;
DOESN’T know where the sentence will be served; 
DOESN’T acknowledge herself or himself as a prisoner.

«Humanity is split in two groups: those who love their condition and those who feel reality is not enough», wrote Walser in one of his fragments, «I belong to the second group».

He who recognizes himself as convicted by 942 receives the 21 Oracles. This divination method, based on the results of one single roll of two dices, was created for a radically different reality and enables the user to move in the right way in this misleading world. Here they are.
Nothing more is known.

The 21 Oracles

Do not aim for your goal. Moving forward in a straight line is not favorable. Reach your destination avoiding it. Pretend not to be interested. Walk in a zigzag pattern.

Listen to your words as if you were a tape recorder. You are lying to yourself. Don’t trust your knowledge. You’re hiding the truth.

Don't touch what's on your plate. Eat something you think you dislike or a dish you never tasted before.

You love light and hate darkness. You love life and hate death. Stars shine on in total darkness, beyond life lies eternity. Do not stick to the clichés.

Close your eyes and listen to other people’s voices. They’re imperfect. If you don’t watch them they lose power. Informations leak from their words.

Focus on blue objects only. Change color tomorrow. Take a decision on the third day.

Follow the music. Listen to the space between the notes. When the player forgets his instrument there’s no lie. What you feel is right. Act accordingly.

Reality has blurred your senses. There’s nothing you can do. Today sit and wait.

Your body is lying to you. You’re better than him. Don’t let pain overwhelm you. You are alive, he is not.

The person who fascinates you is truly beautiful. If you want to know her close your eyes. Trust her hands, not her face or your desire.

Find an old newspaper. Read a horoscope that is not yours and follow the instructions.

Remember that everything is a play. It doesn’t matter how sad and painful it can be. Change the role of your character.

Steal a little object and give it to a stranger. Mix up your plans.

Attack now. Don’t lose a second.

Follow the path of the first animal you meet. Fly, crawl, jump. Try to figure out what he would do.

Look at yourself in an old photograph. Ask yourself who that person is and how would he act in this situation.

Stare at an object for ten minutes. Concentrate only on its shape and don’t think of anything else. Now go back to your problem. What you feel is right.

Take a piece of paper and draw nonsense lines. Stop after a couple of minutes and sign with a X the point on which your pen stopped. Put the paper over a map of your city. That particular place will reveal you important things.

Run like hell.

Don’t do anything. Lie still and dumb. Let the things around you flow without your involvement.

Kiss someone.