Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Eat My Soul

Eat My Soul
Music & Lyrics: Walser in the Snow
Pictures: Sovetskie Igrushki (1924)

come on in, it's my room
do you like it? is it cool?
all your wishes will come true
so kick it, kick it

i'm so sexy, i'm so dark
what's this thumping? is your heart?
i can drive you very far
just kick it, kick it

get me out of here
i want to get in there

i like it
but i don't really want it
i wish i never knew it
i wish but i kick it, kick it
i want it
but i really do dislike it
i cannot recognize me
i can't but I kick it, kick it, kick it

eat my soul!

come inside, don't be shy
everything will work out fine
are you scared of my smile?
well, kick it, kick it

it's so hot, you're so pale
is it fever? are you frail?
so you want to go away?
but please kick it, kick it